Welcome to the Green Cleaning™ project home page.  On this page you will find information and tools developed to introduce you to this new way of cleaning farm milking machines.

Green Cleaning™ systems operate at low temperatures, re-use the cleaning solutions and are energy efficient - saving energy, water and chemicals.

Trial work using a prototype Green Cleaning™ system showed that it is possible to effectively clean the milking plant (and maintain excellent milk quality) by using low temperature chemicals, capturing the wash solutions for re-use and applying energy efficient design principles. The results of the trial showed:

  • A greater than 75% reduction in electricity used for heating water for machine cleaning;
  • A greater than 65% reduction in electricity costs for heating water for machine cleaning;
  • A 63% reduction in the volume of water used for cleaning the milking machine; and
  • A 10-30% reduction in chemical use.

The new technology was developed and tested by industry, and is now being commercialised by a number of dairy equipment and chemical suppliers. More information about the new technology is available in the series of Fact Sheets.

Although the various units being marketed will have different features and prices, all aim to reduce dairy operating costs and the environmental impact of cleaning milking machines. The Economics Calculator and Sanitiser Calculator provided can help you work out the savings for your particular situation.

For information about the project please contact AgVet Projects

You can also contact your local milking machine equipment or dairy detergent supplier for more information.
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